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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Makeup base is a must-have. It reduces discolouration and dullness, moisturises and brightens the skin tone. It also makes the makeup stay much longer. Do remember that it not only preps the skin before foundation but can also be used on its own as a caring and protective product. Check out the overview of our base products and choose the perfect one for your skin needs. During summer our skin is more exposed to the harmful UVA and UVB radiations which cause changes in cells such as photoaging and pigmentation disorders. Due to that the SPF protection is crucial. Such protection is provided by UNDER MAKEUP BASE SPF20. If you don't wear makeup every day, you can use the base as a sunscreen. When using individually, the product should be re-applied for extra protection. The black pearl extract present in the formula provides the skin with maximum hydration and a smooth feeling. Does living constantly on the run leave your skin looking tired and missing radiance?

MOONLIGHT ILLUMINATING FACE PRIMER was created just for you. The effect is astonishing! The HD pigments present in the base will optically smoothen and add radiance to the complexion. Thanks to the ingredients absorbing excessive amounts of sebum the makeup will stay fresh for a long time. Is your complexion prone to shine and your dream is to have long-lasting makeup?

You have to try MATTIFYING UNDER MAKEUP BASE. This product will provide a long-lasting effect of matte skin and the special gel-like formula will additionally fill fine lines and wrinkles. Apply it on your entire face, or just on the T zone - where the additional mattifying effect is needed. Thanks to this base your makeup will remain intact for hours. If you have a problem with discolouration reach for HD CORRECTIVE PRIMER. It will eliminate all the shades off your complexion. Bear in mind that the bases use the theory of opposite colours of the colour wheel: for red spots use green base; for grey-ish looking skin use pink shade; for purple or pink discolouration use yellow base; blue shades on the face are covered with peach colour. Apply a thin layer and wait a moment until the skin colour becomes visibly even. When you expect the base to not only prolong the life of your makeup but also fill in minor imperfections, reach for the UNDER MAKEUP BASE, which will give you the feeling of silky smooth skin. The gel formula will make it easier to apply other cosmetics and extend their longevity. This base can also be used on its own leaving the skin matte and perfectly smooth. Don't be afraid of using the bases in your daily routine, for your work, school or party makeup. Modern cosmetics have rich hypoallergenic formulas and do not burden the skin, on the contrary, their precious ingredients have extremely beneficial effects. Try it and you won't regret it!



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