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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Self-expression through makeup has never been so easy. Be yourself and create unforgettable looks with our new One Move Liquid Liner. Give your gaze instant intensity, after all, they are our main facial feature now that we have to wear masks!

Can you create a perfect line in one move? Now you don’t have to! One Move Liquid Eyeliner will do it for you.

The best eyeliner for quick and easy application. It's flexible and its thin tip allows movement in every direction to create the desired line, no matter whether you start from the outer or inner corner of the eye. Deep black colour and waterproof properties guarantee a perfect look that lasts for hours. The product is vegan and suitable for sensitive eyes.

How to apply?

Put a thin layer of Eyeshadow Keeper onto the eyelid, and wait a few seconds before you start setting everything with your favourite powder or a matching eyeshadow. It will prolong the durability of your makeup including the liner too!

If your eyelids are longer in width than they are round, like an almond, have fun with various patterns or experiment with different lengths. You can be sure that the final effect will amaze everyone.

If you have round eyes, use the eyeliner to elongate their shape. Create a wider line in the outer corner and a slightly thinner one at the inner edge.

To make your eyes look bigger, don't overload with eyeliner. A thin line across the eyelid is all you need. To make the application easier, treat the line as an extension of the lower eyelid line. It works well with all shapes excluding hooded eyes.

If you have a drooping eyelid and tend to avoid eyeliner, for this reason, we are delighted to tell you that The One Move Liquid Eyeliner is designed especially for you! Advantages? Easy application to enhance your beauty and attract all the attention. While creating a line put the product just below the waterline. It will make your eyes look bigger providing a long-lasting effect.

If you're looking for an unfailing product to create the most perfect makeup looks, One Move Liquid Eyeliner is your best friend!



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