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Top 5 best eyebrow products. Check out which one would meet your needs

Defined eyebrows are one of the most important parts of makeup. They are not only the frame for your eyes, yet the entire face. Do your eyebrows grow unevenly? Or maybe they look thinning? Don't worry! There is a huge range of INGLOT products to help you out.

Perfect brow makeup? Proper shaping! To achieve the best eyebrow arch, follow three lines as shown in the picture below.

The first line that will help to determine the starting point of your brow should be placed vertically between the nostril and the inner corner of the eye.

Then, focus on creating the line that starts at the edge of the nose and goes through the pupil of the eye. This is the peak of your brow, usually 2/3 eyebrow from the beginning point.

The last line will indicate the ending point of the eyebrow. Start at the edge of the nose and move towards the outer corner of the eye. Remember to shape the brows before applying makeup as it will make the eyes look optically bigger.

Always tweeze the brows in the same direction the hair is growing. Use TWEEZERS PINCETTE P2 for effortless removal. If you created the perfect shape, fill in the brows. According to the recent trend, your brows should be defined but not overdone. Check out our packages and choose products that suit you best.

The application technique will differ depending on the formula you picked out. The most basic and popular among customers are eyebrow pencils. What are the differences between them and what type of finish can be achieved?

Thick, even eyebrows?

If you have thick, even eyebrows and want to make them darker and more attractive go for BROW SHAPING PENCIL. Its wax formula is specifically for brow shaping rather than strong colouring. The product allows easy application and ensures a natural effect.

How to Apply:

Spread the pencil evenly across the eyebrows, then comb with Makeup Brush 14M following the direction of hair growth. The presence of ceramides, Vitamin E and shea butter in the formula boasts caring properties while keeping the brows in the best condition.

Naturally thin brows?

EYEBROW PENCIL FM is perfect for you. The formula closed in elegant, silver packaging with a twist-up mechanism will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. The product allows precise and easy application to make your brows defined exactly the way you always wanted. A built-in brush on the opposite side of the packaging will help to comb hair and achieve the desired shape.

Subtle & Natural Effect?

If you want to fill in your brows in a delicate way, use FREEDOM SYSTEM BROW POWDER and finish it off with BROW SHAPING MASCARA. The combination of two products will define and shape while emphasizing the colour. Apply the eyeshadow with Makeup Brush 17TL, then put the mascara on. Remember to choose the shade that perfectly matches your brows. The formula of this mascara allows easy application and provides a natural effect.

Sparse brows with visible gaps?

Go for products with more coverage and achieve the shape that you desire the most. AMC BROW LINER GEL is a perfect choice to emphasize the colour and give the precise contour. Available in a wide range of shades to suit every type of beauty. The formula allows getting either naturally filled or dramatically accentuated eyebrows. Moreover, it shapes the brows depending on application and the tools used while applying makeup. The product works well while drawing individual hair too. Apply a small amount of gel with a synthetic Makeup Brush 31T. To achieve a more subtle effect, grab for Makeup Brush 17TL.

Thick, unruly brows?

BROW SHAPING GEL is waiting for you. Its lightweight and waterproof formula helps to achieve the perfect shape while ensuring a long-lasting effect. Use to tame the brows or to set other eyebrow products. Irreplaceable! Apply in zigzag movements from the roots upwards and get fashionably brushed brows straight from the catwalk.

Regardless of what product you decided to use, always apply a thin layer of concealer below the brows. We especially recommend trying the AMC UNDER EYE CORRECTIVE ILLUMINATOR. Convenient packaging, precise application, perfectly defined brows!

At INGLOT The Studio, we provide threading services during which our INGLOT PROs can help you in working out the right shape for you.

We’re here to answer any of your questions. If you’re still unsure which products to use, send us a message on our website chat or messenger. Happy Shopping!



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