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INGLOT the Studio Guide to Hair Care during COVID-19

Updated: May 11, 2020

Roberta Ciantar - INGLOT Manager Mosta Rotunda Square complex

Home Hair Dye

As our current reality makes it impossible for us to visit the salon and get pampered by professionals, one of the main questions we are asked is whether we can prepare dye for our clients and sell it. However, this is illegal and we could not assist our clients with this request. This meant that some individuals consider resorting to box dye, generally available at the pharmacy or supermarket however this is not a good solution.

Salon hair dye is tailored to the individual by the hairstylist, and the colour achieved over multiple sessions cannot be replicated by box dye. Using box dye, even once, can reverse the work achieved over time in a salon.

Box dye is a one-size-fits-all option which does not guarantee the desired results. Application is also a factor with box dye, as although an individual may be attentive in their application, hairstylists are careful to apply the techniques they are trained. An untrained individual may mistakenly and unknowingly overlap when applying dye, which will result in an uneven application and result.

What can be done at home?

There are a number of products which can remedy this issue over the short-term until salon operations can resume under new regulations. Regrowth – or roots as they are commonly called – can be temporarily covered with washable hair mascaras, coloured hair sprays, and coverage sticks which are all easily available. These are usually available in general base colours, including shades of brown and blonde, and can be used to blend the regrowth and make it less visible.

Washing hair daily accelerates the fading of dye, and therefore should also be avoided where possible. When washing hair, products used will also affect the longevity of hair colour and therefore professional products are crucial. Blondes are usually familiar with purple or silver shampoo, and these are also available for different hair colours. Using such shampoos and conditioners will lengthen the fading process.

Hairstyling hacks to cover regrowth

While social interactions and going out is currently limited, going to work or shopping means that we are still out and about, or in video calls. The vast majority of salon-goers are in the same boat, however, our confidence will be boosted if we are able to cover or limit the visibility of regrowth.

The best way to style hair is naturally, hence styling in curls for natural curly hair will be more achievable, as well as help to cover up regrowth due to the volume this adds to hair. Straighter hair may be trickier to style in a manner which can cover regrowth, therefore the use of hair accessories such as headbands, headscarves, and turbans will aid with this, as well as add a touch of style to your look!

Another option is covering regrowth with braids – Dutch braids, in particular, will cover the area. While creating the braid, keep it loose and open up the sections to cover a bigger area of roots as well as create a softer look!



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