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INGLOT Guide To Organising Your Makeup Collection

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Our makeup station is where the magic truly happens! Whether it’s a vanity or in your bathroom, it can easily get quite messy. Let’s face it, it is not an easy task to stay organised on a daily basis, especially if you are using multiple products daily. Our INGLOT Manager, organisation-fanatic and makeup lover Nakita, is ready to share all her PRO tips with us and help you take your makeup organisation to another level!

Storage Tip #1: Categorize

Generally, I categorize my makeup, accessories and brushes separately. This helps me keep them organized and saves me time when applying my makeup and when clearing up. I use different storages such as cases, brush tubes and acrylic organizers (these are super practical). One tiny trick that I use when organizing is separating eye products from lip products.

Storage Tip #2: Separate What You Use Regularly

Placing your daily needs in one case will save you a lot of time since all your daily products will be stored in one place. The mini diamond case is small but MIGHTY. This case has two levered shelves where you can easily place all eye and lip products. The bottom section is quite deep therefore all face products can go in that section. See! All products sorted in one mini case.

Storage Tip #3: Store it so you can see it

Acrylic cosmetic organizers are the perfect solution for holding your favourite cosmetics in one place. Organizing in transparent drawers is super practical since everything is visible and you can easily find the products you need to use. The variety of options and sizes will allow you to keep your cosmetics and makeup accessories organized.

Storage Tip #4: Organize your makeup brushes

Storing brushes in an appropriate brush tube or brush roll is key since this will help with the longevity of the brushes. This brush tube protects the brushes on the go and serves as a handy brush holder. This product is available in classic black, turquoise or coral.

Storage Tip #5: Touch up on the go

We love a quick touch up to refresh our makeup. This elegant makeup purse is always full of makeup products that I need to touch up, especially when I have a whole day out and about. Not only does it fit your daily makeup essentials, but it can also serve as a purse for a night out!

Author: Nakita Attard

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