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INGLOT Guide to Heatwave-Proof Makeup

Alexine Buhagiar - Manager INGLOT Fgura

You know it’s coming, so better get all your essentials ready!

We’re definitely ready for the summer season, the blissful days by the beach, BBQs and late nights out, but are we really ready to combat the waves that create havoc on our makeup? Just before our isle heats up, we’ve pulled together 6 of our favourite sweat-combatting tricks and products to help you navigate the heat waves and keep you looking and feeling refreshed!

#1. Boost the Base

In summer our skin can get really dehydrated and hence it is important to use a light emulsion moisturiser before applying makeup, such as the INGLOT EverMatte Day Protection Face Cream. This will give your skin an appropriate level of hydration while protecting it against excessive water loss.

We suggest waiting 2-3 minutes for the moisturiser to be fully absorbed into your skin before you start your makeup application.

#2. Prime Time

Using a good primer is key to achieving heatwave proof makeup, as it absorbs the excess facial oils and reduces light reflection. INGLOT’s Under Makeup Base gives all skin types a matte look and silky smooth finish and also helps in making your foundation last longer.

Applying primer before starting your make up is recommended all year round and not just in summer.

#3. Less is More

A heatwave is no place for heavy layers. To give your skin a natural-looking and long-lasting glow, we suggest you switch to a tinted moisturiser or similar products like the INGLOT Beautifier Tinted Cream which includes vitamins C, E, and F. HD pigments and ensures an illuminating and soft-focus effect. The beautifier will also add subtle colour and even out your skin tone.

#4. Go for Cream Base Products

If you use powder blush and bronzers on hot summer days, there’s a very good possibility that you will end up with a patchy look or line marks on your skin. We suggest that you use INGLOT Cream Blush instead and there’s no need to compromise on your contouring, you can opt for INGLOT Stick Foundations to be able to create shading and highlighting. To add a little bit of sparkle, use INGLOT’s Face & Body Illuminator for the ultimate glow. The creamy formula in these products allows for easy application and blending.

#5. Use Gel for Eyebrow Shaping and Eyeliner

Say no to Panda Eyes by using gel smudge-proof and waterproof formulas. These can help you achieve a lasting and intense effect with just one layer. Plus, these formulas are fast drying and very easy to apply, especially when using the appropriate brush, such as the INGLOT 32T Brush.

Feel free to jump in our crystal blue sea while wearing these, especially when using our long-lasting INGLOT AMC Eyeliner Gel and the INGLOT AMC Brow Liner Gel.

#6. Lock it in!

And to finish? A few pumps of makeup fixer will add the final, heatproof barrier your look needs. INGLOT Makeup Fixer is to be sprayed from a 20-30 cm (8-12 inches) distance for the best effect. You can opt for our ‘daily’ makeup fixer or sass it up with our selection of INGLOT Body Mists that smell absolutely divine! Don’t be shy and spray the mist all over your face & body and turn heads with blinking, shimmering particles!



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