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INGLOT Guide to Face Serums

Edwina Busuttil - INGLOT Manager Sliema The Strand complex

What is a face serum?

A face serum is a gel-like liquid which delivers a concentrate of active ingredients deeper into the skin than a moisturizer can. This is because it contains smaller molecules and is lighter in texture. A face serum will drastically improve your skin’s texture thanks to the active ingredients it contains. Benefits include your skin becoming firmer and smoother, which leads to visibly younger-looking skin.

Why use a face serum?

The active ingredients in serums, such as bioactive peptides and hyaluronic acid, help to produce new cells and the shedding of excessive dead cells – this regeneration leads to healthier skin with fewer spots, scars, and pimples. Other active ingredients, such as Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E, have antioxidant properties, protecting your skin by neutralizing free radicals – molecules in the environment which damage your skin by clinging to collagen and weakening elasticity. This makes open pores smaller and results in fewer blackheads and whiteheads and improves the skin’s density, elasticity, and flexibility.

However, a serum does not replace moisturizer as it is an active emulsion, while a moisturizer aids to protect the skin and make the skin’s absorption of the serum more effective.

How to use a face serum

A good and effective serum will be specific to its intended use. INGLOT Lab’s day and night serums do just that. The INGLOT Lab Hydrating Day Serum is lightweight and acts as a protective layer on the skin, while the INGLOT Lab Revitalizing Night Serum’s active ingredients focus on moisture and recovery as this is the time when the skin is able to work on repairing itself to maintain healthy skin and reduce signs of ageing.

INGLOT Lab serums should be applied between Steps 5 & 6 of our In-Depth Face Care Routine. After the INGLOT Multi-Action Toner, and by using the tapping the fingertips onto the face. A moisturizer should be applied 30 seconds later to protect the skin and aid the absorption of the serum.

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