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How to choose the best Mascara for your lashes

By INGLOT Fgura Manager Carmen Barbara

When it comes to mascara, everyone has their own views and opinions. It’s one of those beauty products that we could debate over for hours; which one gives the best length, volume, thickness, and overall sexy lashes.

The secret to finding the best mascara apart from the quality of the formula, it also lies in the magic of the wand (no pun intended). Finding the right wand for your lashes will maximize your results massively. For instance, if you have thin and sparse lashes, an hourglass brush will help build both volume and length far greater than a thin brush, which could fan out the lashes further and make them look spidery.

To help you find the ultimate mascara, our INGLOT Fgura Manager Carmen Barbara has broken down to each different lash type and paired it with the perfect wand. Of course, she has included her recommended INGLOT mascaras for each lash type. Consider her your fairy Godmother… But for lashes!

Short lashes

If you have short lashes I prefer to use a thin long wand so as to be able to coat all the lashes with mascara without smudging it all over your eyelid. A thin brush reaches into the base of your lashes and helps you to add both length and volume to your lashes.

Try the INGLOT Promise Mascara – it’s our latest addition to the collection, it’s water-resistant and most importantly it does not flake or smudge. Apply one coat for a super subtle effect perfectly matching your makeup-no-makeup look. Apply to two or three coats for a more dramatic, look-at-my-AMAZING-lashes effect.

Curly Lashes

First of all, if you have these lashes … girl you’re lucky!! To accentuate your lashes, go for a large thicker mascara wand. It will add more length and volume. PRO tip – when applying mascara put your mascara wand at the base of your lashes and twist your wrist.

Try the INGLOT Lash Enhancer Mascara which has a deep black tint to it that will enhance the beauty of your lashes like never before. A cone-shaped silicone wand will give you subtle length and thoroughly thickened lashes. Easy to apply, this mascara visually multiplies the lashes and provides definition, making your eyes pop.

Straight Lashes

If you fall in this category, we have the perfect fix for you, you need to invest in the INGLOT’s Eyelash Curler, It looks scary – I know, but believe me … you will be besties in no-time. Once you have curled your lashes using your eyelash curler, you can apply one coat of volume mascara, which will help hold the curl all day long.

Try our INGLOT Volume and Waterproof Mascara. This mascara will help hold the curl since it is waterproof and will give you a voluminous long-lasting curl. Besides, this mascara can be used to go to the beach & take a dip into the blue sea and still having beautifully curled lashes!!

Sparse Lashes

If you have these lashes, you need some of our fairy dust. Lucky for you most of our mascaras will help you to achieve good looking lashes in no time.

INGLOT Long for Mascara will give you that long lash look, with a jumbo-sized brush which will change your eyelash game forever. If you want a more voluminous look rather than long lashes, try the INGLOT Secret Volume Mascara, which comes with a densely packed silicone brush that gives you that intense, yet very natural volume. The formula is also flake proof – because to be honest who likes a mascara that flakes?!

Thin Lashes

Don’t worry if you have thin lashes, all you need is a thick brush and you will instantly add more drama to your lashes. Have I convinced you I’m your fairy Godmother yet?

This is by far our bestselling mascara – INGLOT False Lash Effect. The brush is carefully designed for quick, precise and even application, contacting lashes at the roots and precisely combing through them. The clump-free formula allows reaching the desired effect in just one sweep. The smudge-proof formulation ensures the mascara will stay where it belongs but is easily removable.

Bottom Lashes

To give a little oomph to your bottom lashes – use a thin wand for that subtle bottom lash mascara moment. Try INGLOT Long and Curly Mascara – it has a super thin brush which separates the lashes and is therefore perfect for the bottom lashes.

What do you think? Kindly let us know in the comments below, We’re here to answer any of your questions. If you’re not sure what kind of lashes you have I am sure one of our shop assistants will be glad to help you choose the best mascara for your lash type.



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