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How to Choose the Best Foundation for your Skin Type

Carmen Barbara - INGLOT Fgura Manager

Finding the best base for your makeup is like finding THE ONE. So, before you buy that flawless foundation your friend is wearing, you need to know if it’s actually the right match for YOUR skin. There are many different foundation formulas for a reason, and we hope that this article helps in guiding you to your absolute perfect match!

Taking care of your skin is the first step to having a flawless finish. Having a proper daily skincare routine is definitely going to help your foundation work its magic.

For more on this be sure to check out the INGLOT In-Depth Skincare Routine

Think of your foundation as a veil, not a mask. If you need to cover dark circles, redness or breakouts – the foundation is not the solution. We recommend you use a good concealer and a colour corrector for this.

What is your skin type?

Knowing what your skin type is will help you narrow down the list – you don’t buy a mattifying moisturiser for dry skin and this also applies to your foundation. In the past we had to choose a certain type of foundation for a skin type (liquid for dry and powder for oily), however, this is not true anymore.

Formulas have evolved and today we can find the desired finish for our skin type in both powder and liquid foundations (without going to the extreme, that is, a dewy foundation might still not be the best for oily skin, just like matte powder foundation might not be the best for dry skin). INGLOT HD Foundation is a formula we find works best for most skin types.

Skin Intensity

Knowing your exact skin tone can be a slightly tricky as it can vary depending on seasonal change but it’s until you find your palette so you can choose correctly. Shades can differ from very light pale to a very dark tone, and if you have trouble selecting the right shade, we suggest that you test these at the shops and ask for guidance from one of the makeup professionals!

Identify your Undertone

You want to match your foundation to the closest shade of colour as your skin so it is always recommended to shop for your shade during a time when your skin is consistent. Often, you will find that you may need different shades for different seasons as, for example, during summer the skin tone may change.

Tip: If your skin tone is a little lighter on the face then your body, rather than choosing a darker foundation than your face tone, we suggest that you use a bronzer. This will help you achieve a more natural finish.

Match the shade with your face, not your arm

This a common mistake when buying a foundation. When choosing a shade, you want to match it with your face and neck rather than your arm. Your arms tend to be darker or lighter depending on which area you are looking at. If you want the perfect shade, try a little bit of the foundation on your jawline and go for the foundation that you find blends most with your skin. If left with a visible patch, it is best to change to a more suitable shade.

Tip: Do not try to lighten or darken your skin tone by choosing a lighter or darker foundation colour. Leave that job to highlighting and contouring.

Here’s the lowdown on what you can find in our shops:

INGLOT Beautifier Foundation – It has a wonderful light finish, good for very dehydrated skin types and is precisely tailored to give the best of both worlds. When it comes to moisturising and foundation, this is the most amazing combination of both.

INGLOT YSM Foundation – This foundation is great for those that want to achieve the ‘makeup, no makeup look’ and are not aiming for full coverage. This foundation is perfect for everyday use, as it evens out your skin tone and gives you a natural glow.

INGLOT Cream Foundation – This formula is the perfect representation of medium coverage foundation. It does not clog your pores and is perfect for combination skin. It sinks easily into the skin and does not transfer to items of clothing.

INGLOT AMC Cream Foundation - This formula is suitable for dry skin, helps remove flakes and dullness and is great if you want to achieve a dewy look.

INGLOT HD Foundation – Our all-time favourite foundation! It gives you super coverage without feeling overly done. This foundation comes in so many shades and undertones that it’s nearly impossible not to find your perfect shade.

INGLOT All Covered Foundation – Do you want to cover up those spots? If you are looking for breath-taking coverage and a matte finish, then this the right water-based formula for you. It is appropriate for people who have a combination or oily skin.

INGLOT Stick Foundation – If you are looking to re-create the Kim Kardashian contouring look, then this is the perfect product for it. It gives you great coverage and comes in a variety of shades, which will help you create the most amazing contouring look you have ever done!

Consult a Professional

If you still feel unsure of your choice, consulting with a professional will always offer best advice. Our six shops found all over the island have dedicated teams to help assist clients in choosing the best products for their skin types. There is no better time than now to pin-point your SPOT-ON shade and with INGLOT’s wide range of foundation shades and finishes, it is safe to say that you will definitely find THE ONE.



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