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The Best Brush Sets Not Only For Beginners

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

To maintain a perfect makeup look the accessories used throughout the whole process is important for the overall creation. In view of this, it is then worth complementing your makeup bag with appropriate brushes that will allow achieving stunning looks not only by professionals. But that is not the end. On a daily basis, they will make the application easier and even more precise. Sounds perfect! Sometimes, however, the choice of suitable brushes particularly on one's own may be quite challenging.

To resolve this problem, we have prepared a range of brush sets already selected by our specialists. Depending on the desired look, you can choose basic everyday sets or full brush packs to have fun with numerous colours, formulas, and textures.

Closed in extraordinary, eye-catching cases our 7-piece makeup brush sets are perfect not only for home use but also as gifts for people valuing the impeccable look.

Discover a super stylish unique 7 piece brush set to create both daily and evening makeup. This set contains 7 brushes made of the best quality synthetic hair. Perfect to apply powder and liquid formula products including foundation or highlighter. Specially designed bristles have a smooth, non-porous structure that prevents the absorption of liquid cosmetics and increases the production efficiency. The softness of hair provides the comfort of use and makes brushes easy to clean. Do not sensitize. An alternative for vegan and people with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

In this set, you can find a big oval brush recommended for applying powder or products such as highlighter onto the larger parts of the body. Soft, slightly flat brushes with a somewhat rounded tip will enable the application of foundation with no smudges. Brushes with longer bristles shaped like a flame will allow precise contouring and would be ideal for powder, bronzing powder, blushes and highlighters. Smaller, yet fluffy brushes can be used to apply pressed and creamy eyeshadows, whereas flat angled brushes would be perfect for brow makeup.

If you want to create even more demanding looks or need professional makeup brushes, feel free to choose our 14-piece travel brush set. The set contains natural or synthetic hair brushes made out of the best quality nylon. Soft natural bristles ensure high product adhesion and allow easy and convenient application. Closed in a black elegant case, the full collection includes brushes perfect for contouring as well as applying foundation, powder, blushes, concealers, highlighters, eyeshadows, or lip and brow products.

Don't take too long. Choose your perfect brush set or present your loved one with a beautiful gift!



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