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Properly styled eyebrows add character, accentuate facial features and frame the eyes. Make friends with INGLOT PLAYINN BROW BUDDIES brow makeup set, with which you can sort out your brows and give them the look you want in a matter of moments. The transparent Soap Brow with a super-strong, gel formula in duo with a precise brush will allow you to style your eyebrows easily and quickly and provide a long-lasting effect that will last all day, without the need for touch-ups. Even a small amount of soap will give you a wow effect! The double-sided brush makes it easy to apply the soap evenly, comb the hairs and shape the brows precisely.
See how easy it is! Reach out for the set and style your brows like a pro!

The set contains:


30 ml/1 US FL OZ

Perfectly looking brows? Eyebrow lamination effect? Both are within your reach! With the transparent eyebrow soap, even the most unruly hairs will stay in place. Super strong gel formula allows modelling and shaping brows. The effect does not need any retouches during the day. The fresh scent makes the quick application even more pleasant. The soap highlights the natural brow color, but can also be used with a brow powder or liner. Add some expressiveness and shape your brows. Make them look fuller!
The perfect consistency makes the application quick and effortless when used directly on brows, no need to add water. The product is very efficient - just a small amount is enough to achieve a wonderful effect.

INGLOT PLAYINN Makeup Brush 200

A double-sided, synthetic makeup brush for eyes and brows. Perfect to apply eyeshadows, waxes or brow gels. Its trimmed and dense, yet very gentle bristles allow easy highlighting of the lower eyelid as well as creating a perfect line, including the waterline. The small brush is especially helpful for brow contouring or to comb the eyelashes.