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ALL EYE DESIRE Mascara visibly increases eyelashes' volume, giving them striking length and precisely separating the hair. The specially shaped brush perfectly styles the lashes. Evenly distributes the mascara formula, allowing you to reach even the shortest hairs. The intense black colour and matte finish make the eyes optically enlarged and the look gains depth. The effect lasts all day. The mascara does not smudge, crumble, or transfer on the eyelids. It is suitable for people with sensitive eyes and allows for easy, gentle makeup removal. The formula of the mascara is enriched with care ingredients, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of the eyelashes.


- adds volume with the first application
- thoroughly brushes and reaches the smallest lashes
- extremely lengthens lashes
- thickens lashes
- makes short, sparse and straight eyelashes more expressive and impressive look
- visibly lengthens lashes already after application of the first layer
- visibly lifts and curls eyelashes
- intense black colour and matte finish
- shapes and emphasizes the lash line
- precise brush distributes the product evenly without creating lumps
- suitable for sensitive eyes
- easy to remove makeup
- does not crumble
- does not transfer
- does not smudge
- has a conditioning effect


Special ingredients:
- Panthenol
- Vitamin E
- Arginine
- Glycine Soybean
- Wheat germ extract
- Emollient
- Extract of Baikal Thyroid Root


8.5 ml/ 0.29 US FL OZ

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