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Freedom System Always The Sun Matte Face Bronzer perfectly adjusts to your natural skin tone and texture, providing a naturally-looking sun-kissed skin effect. The product also subtly enhances and evens out the color of your existing tan. Try out for contouring or warm up your skin tone, covering dull and grey skin colors and the signs of tiredness, leaving the skin healthy-looking and relaxed.

Get a monochromatic look applying the product as an eyeshadow. Its lightweight, silky formula ensures quick and an even application as bronzer perfectly blends with the skin withouth smudges. The product allows for easy coverage building on highlightet part of the body, like decolletage, shoulders and legs as it seamlessly spreads on the skin.

Emollients of a natural origin and luffa cylindrica seed oil with moisturizing and smoothing properties protect the skin from drying out. Vitamin E, so called 'youth vitamin' protects the skin against free radicals.

Hero ingredients:

- Emolients of natural origin - create a protective shield on the skin to prevent moisture from evaporating. Additionally, they absorb the moisture from the environment to keep the skin constantly moisturized. Boast with softening and smoothing properties.

- Vitamin E - so called � the youth vitamin� protects the skin from free radicals that facilitate aging.

- Luffa cylindrica seed oil - moisturizes, smoothes, and prevents the skin from dehydration, improving its elasticity.

- Mica of natural origin - makes the powders light and silky to touch; improves products' consistency.

- Talc of natural origin - provides a suitable consistency to the product and improves skin adhesion

- Matte pigments - provide the mattifying effect


9 g/0.32 US OZ


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