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Designed to conceal skin�s irregularities and imperfections Freedom System Camouflage Concealer is available in a wide range of skin coloured as well as special corrective shades to ensure a flawless makeup finish.


Boasting with ultimately strong coverage, the product provides a long lasting effect of perfectly covered discolorations, redness, blemishes and even tattoos without drying out the skin. Available for each skin tone, all colours may be mixed and matched. Non-comedogenic.


- Shade 101 (yellow) visually neutralises skin redness, blue, and purple discolorations on mixed skin;

- Shade 102 (green) disguises broken capillaries and neutralises skin redness on fair to mixed skin;

- Shade 103, 122, and 123 (peach) covers up blue discolorations, lightens up the skin;

- Shade 104 (red) conceals dark circles on Asian and dark skin;

- Shade 105 (orange) camouflages dark spots and strong discoloration on Asian and dark skin.


- Shades 101 to 105 and 122 to 123 are used as a first step in camouflaging skin�s irregularities. Cover with foundation or powder that matches your skin tone.

- Shades 106 to 120 and 124 to 126 may be used underneath or over foundation as well as individually.


The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colours to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size. All Freedom System palettes are eco-friendly and reusable. Products may be purchased with the palettes or individually.


2.5 g/0.09 US OZ

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