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INGLOT Guide to Lip Care

Our guidelines will give you the soft and supple lips you want. Although many of us carry out regular face exfoliation, we tend to forget about exfoliating our lips! While the majority do hydrate their lips, this will not be complete without exfoliation.

Exfoliation is needed to remove dead skin, as otherwise, lip care products will not penetrate into the skin. Our lips do not have sebaceous glands that produce oil, and so it is difficult to keep our lips hydrated and nourished. The skin on the lips is also very thin and thus loses moisture fast.


INGLOT Guide to Lip Exfoliation

Step 1 - Brush your lips horizontally using the INGLOT Silicone Lip Brush.

Step 2 - Apply INGLOT Rich Care Lipstick all over your lips and gently massage it into your lips using the INGLOT Silicone Lip Brush.

Step 3 - Reapply INGLOT Rich Care Lipstick all over your lips.

Continuous care

It is very common to have flakes on our lips both in summer and in winter, so a regular lip care routine is a must to prevent and act as a remedy. These guidelines can be followed daily when lips are cracked and flaky, and every other day once they have resumed their soft and supple nature! When applying lipstick, an essential product to use is the INGLOT Holdon Lip primer as it will act as a nourishing agent with long-lasting effect on your lipstick.



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