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INGLOT Guide to Fuller Lips

Edwina Busuttil - INGLOT Manager Sliema The Strand complex

If you long for fuller-looking lips, here’s the INGLOT Guide for achieving this sultry look with some easy steps and fantastic products.

A fuller-looking lip can only be achieved if lips are exfoliated, smooth and soft – dry and flaky lips look smaller and will not reflect light to give the correct look. Lips also need to be primed to extend the effect of your colour and bring out its depth. Using INGLOT lipsticks will also keep hydrating your lips with the combination of cottonseed oil, vitamin E, and Shea butter.

Step 1 - Exfoliate and moisturize -brush your lips horizontally using the INGLOT Silicone Lip Brush’s smaller side.

Step 2 - Apply INGLOT Rich Care Lipstick all over your lips and gently massage it in using the INGLOT Silicone Lip Brush’s larger side.

Step 3 – Apply the INGLOT HoldOn Lip Primer all over your lips.

Step 4 – Apply your choice of INGLOT Foundation all over the lip area to create a larger canvas to work with.

Step 5 – Powder your lips using the INGLOT Translucent Powder.

Step 6 – Start to define your lips by lining slightly above your natural lip line using an INGLOT Soft Precision Lip liner, starting from the cupid’s bow and continuing along the lip line.

Step 7 - Use the same INGLOT Lip Liner as in step 6 to fill in the space between your new lip line and your natural one. Blend well for a smooth and natural appearance.

Step 8 – Select two shades of INGLOT Lipstick, one slightly darker than the other. When using two lipstick shades you will create fuller lips. Choose a dark, neutral hue to cover your mouth and a lighter one to dab in the middle as this will create the perfect pout.

Step 9Apply the darker colour all over your lips, and the lighter shade only on the centre on your lips using INGLOT 21T brush.

Step 10 – Sharpen and define the lip line by lips using an INGLOT 22T Brush and INGLOT concealer to clean up the edges of your lips.

Continuous care

Regular exfoliation with the INGLOT Lip Brush and application of INGLOT Rich Care Lipstick will ensure that your lips are always in great condition and ready to go. Find out more with the INGLOT Guide to Lip Care.

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